Know Your Surroundings


Neptunium has built in measures to keep you safe on the web. From secure identifiers, to public education and awareness of security, to site link safety identification web apps, along with built in safeguards; we think its a good first step in Visual Basic Browsing Security.

Faster & Stronger

Your Experience Matters To Us


Neptunium uses page ANTF Next Platform acceleration technology to quickly load most webpages and is designed to work on DSL, High Speed Cable, satellite, Fiber Optic, And Cellular Data Connections. Neptunium is also deemed the most stable .Net browser to date by independent testing!

Easier Than Ever!

More Access, More Features



Neptunium leverages state of art VB.Net Framework along with its own Next Platform Framework to deliver a truly unique experience. More site compatibility, Quick App Launch, YouTube Apps, Omni Search/Engine's, Legacy Windows, Extension Launching/Awesomium Rendering, and for the first time 3rd Party Developer Interfacing Friendly! Compared To Most Other VB.Net Browsers, We are a cut above the rest!